Card Processing Systems | Payment Processing
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Payment Processing

Today, the keyword in the marketplace is CHOICE.

Increasingly, consumers want a choice of how they pay for their goods and services. They want multiple payment options at their fingertips, including credit cards, debit cards, electronic checks, eCommerce and Mobile payments. Card Processing Systems offers you a fully integrated package of on-line solutions with real-time results to ensure seamless processing at rates a customer wants to pay!

Retail - All Business types

Ecommerce, mail, telephone order - multiple gateways

Restaurant - All terminal and point of sale systems

Fast Food - Express Payment

Pay at the Pump - Full integration

Hotel/Lodging - Multiple VARs certified


Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Check guarantee and truncation services

Gift Card and loyalty programs

Point of Sale (POS) equipment and software

Lipman, Hypercom, Verifone, WaySystems (Wireless) LinkPoint, Full POS software suites from PC Charge

Internet Gateway Services (

I strongly recommend that if you want to start accepting credit cards, Card
Processing Systems is the best around!


– CFO, Major Beverage Distributor

World-Class Service

To compliment Card Processing Systems world class products, we provide a level of customer service and attention to detail that is second to none. Whether your business requires customization of our products and services, settlement, reporting, or on-line technology, Card Processing Systems will respond with a program that is designed specifically to meet the merchant requirements of your company. We also have a support team that will be available to personally address the service requirements of your company.


We settle all bankcard transactions to your bank of choice. There is no change to the operating environment in your stores, because Card Processing Systems is certified to integrate with all terminals and cash register systems in the marketplace. Whether you are using Dial Up, Frame Relay or IP wrapped transactions, we can process the transactions quickly and easily, and your staff will not encounter any change to their daily processes. Quite frankly it is transparent!

World-Class Products and Services

Card Processing Systems is uniquely positioned to provide a world-class level of products and services for your company. Through our multiple processing platforms, we authorize and settle transactions for all payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. In addition to bank cards, we will enable your properties to accept debit cards, electronic checks, and electronic benefit transfer (EBT) transactions.


Card Processing Systems maintains relationships with the world’s leading payment processing networks. Collectively these organizations provide transaction processing services for more than 70% of all credit card transactions. These partnerships empower Card Processing Systems merchants which include retail locations, restaurants, supermarkets, mail order, telephone order, and internet based businesses.

Ready to Get Started?

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